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Component Factory download free controls

December 30, 2007

Prendo spunto dai post di alcuni guru dell’argomento per segnalarvi questo sito dove si possono scaricare gratuitamente dei controlli da utilizzare nei propri progetti windows application.I controlli riguardano windows application, le Ribbon e la navigazione.

Per maggiori informazioni e download visitate il sito


Creazione di diagrammi in ambiente Visual Studio Net

December 28, 2007

E’ disponibile un programma gratuito per Visual Studio Net riguardante la creazione dei diagrammi UML. Tale programma scaricabile dal seguente sito permette di aggiungere all’ambiente di sviluppo Visual Studio Net, la possibilità di creare diagrammi.

Editor per ASP.NET

December 23, 2007

Vi segnalo questo interessante tools per la tecnologia Asp.Net, in particolare sul sito codeplex è possibile scaricare gratuitamente un controllo da inserire nelle proprie pagine web, un editor di testo.Un tools interessante per coloro che intendono dotare i propri siti, di un controllo per la scrittura di testo.

Per download e maggiori informazioni visitate il seguente sito

Display the Project Summary Task by Default

December 22, 2007

Some users requests that they want the Project Summary Task to be on by default.  Currently in Project, you can turn this on but it is a per-project setting and not an application setting.  (To turn this on go to Tools – Options – View tab)  To turn it on by default for all new projects you have to edit the registry.

1.    Go to Start – Run and type regedit.
2.    Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\MS Project\Options\View
3.    Right-click on View and go to New – DWORD Value
4.    Set the name to Show Project Summary
5.    Click off Show Project Summary
6.    Double-click on Show Project Summary
7.    Set the value to 1.  Your registry should now look like the picture below and new projects will now have the project summary task displayed by default.

–    This will only turn the project summary task on for new projects, existing projects won’t be affected.
–    If you no longer want this on by default, you can either set the value to 0 or just delete the regkey.
–    This will only work for Project 2007.
–    This is a user setting not a machine setting.

InfoPath: Adding a button to switch between views

December 20, 2007

The ability to have multiple views of information and multiple uses for forms is one of the great features of InfoPath. And yet, any person responsible for supporting the users working with the forms can tell you that it can be a real challenge to users to have to switch views via the menu system. However, it’s remarkably easy, once you know how, to add a button to your form that allows your users to quickly switch between views.  The button will use a rule with the Action of Switch Views — it’s a simple as that.

This will be a learn by doing exercise, so launch InfoPath.  Really, it will only take a few minutes, and I’ll wait. Open the sample form called “Meeting Agenda”. This form has two views, one for the Agenda and one for the Meeting Minutes. (It’s also a very handy sample with very little modification, in my opinion.)  We’ll add a button to each view at the top of the form that allows the user to easily switch between the views.

Place your cursor in the space to the right of the words “Meeting Agenda”. In the Design Tasks Pane, choose Layout. Under Merge and split cells, click on Split Table Cells Vertically. This will add another table cell in the title row. In the Task Pane click on Controls and drag the Button control into the new cell you just created.

Now we’ll assign a label to the button and set up a Rule that switches views when the button is clicked. Double click on the Button control you just inserted. Change the label on the button to “Minutes View”. Click the Rules button in the properties, and add a new rule. (The name of the rule doesn’t matter at this point.) Click on Add action and choose Switch Views. Chose the Minutes View (post meeting) as the view to switch to. There’s no need to set a condition, since we want this action to occur when the button is clicked. OK through the dialogs to complete the process.

One view down, one to go.  Use the View menu in the Task Pane to switch to the Minutes View (post meeting), and repeat the process, this time labeling the button “Agenda View” and switching to the Agenda View (pre meeting). Test and save the form and voilà, your users now have an easy way to switch between views!

Bonus:  Publish the form to your SharePoint site and you have a really handy tool for your teams to use to plan and track the results of meetings!

EPM 2007 Queue Watch tool

December 19, 2007

The Project Server 2007 Queue Watch Tool will help you monitor all queue activities for a specific Project Web Access (PWA) instance. This tool leverages the standard Project Server Interface publically documented web services to query and retrieve jobs in the Project Server queues, further you can configure the tool to filter the information retrieved by Message Types and Job types.

The Queue Watch Tool is available as a WinForms application. It was written by EPM World Wide Center of Excellence (WW COE) to efficiently monitor and troubleshoot queue activities for Project Server 2007 farms.

EPM 2007 Log File Report tool

December 19, 2007

The Project Server 2007 Log File Report Tool enables the import and the reporting of log file generated by your EPM & SharePoint farm. The Log File Report Tool will import log files (in an SQL database) from all servers in your farm with the ability to filter them by date. Once the import is complete you can easily search for specific log file messages using the following filtering criteria: Area, Category, Level, Process, Server as well as date and created reports.

mojoPortal CMS gratuito

December 19, 2007

Vi segnalo un programma gratuito di CMS, ossia un software per la gestione dei contenuti di un sito. Mojoportal è un progetto gratuito, scritto in C#, per la gestione dei siti, il software funziona sia sotto Windows, che in ambiente Mono (linux o mac) davvero un ottimo strumento per la programmazione web, in ambito .Net.

Download controlli gratuiti – free controls

December 19, 2007

Vi segnalo questo interessante sito
nel quale previa registrazione è possibile scaricare oltre 40 controlli per la programmazione .Net. Una volta completata la registrazione, verrà inviata via email con i dati per fare il login per accedere all’area download, dove si potranno scaricare controlli ed immagini il tutto gratuitamente.

Download two new patterns & practices books from MS Press

December 14, 2007

Come riportato dal seguente blog vi segnalo la possibilità di scaricare due manuali (formato pdf) riguardante Team Development with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server ( e Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications  (

Mentre per una lettura via web, potete fare riferimento al seguente sito per il libro Team Development with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server  mentre da questo sito per il libro Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications .

In questi manuali, trovate interessanti suggerimenti.