The best free software (Security)

EULAlyzer (Windows)
Wonder what you’re agreeing to when you click “I Accept”? Don’t worry; just drag EULAlyzer’s target icon onto the EULA for a quick report on any troublesome language.

Hotspot Shield (Windows)
Create an instant virtual private network (VPN) tunnel between your laptop and the router at any Wi-Fi hot spot to protect your data from snoops on the public airwaves, even if you’re using extra encryption. If you’re on a network that limits the use of certain apps (such as Skype), the VPN could give you unfettered access. It even works with your wired connection for an extra layer of security.

Kruptos 2 (Windows)
Kruptos makes a fi le accessible only to someone who knows the password; it includes a fi le shredder.

PC Flank (Windows | Web)
While ShieldsUP! tests your fi rewall’s ability to stealth all ports, PC Flank performs surgical strikes that emulate specifi c malware attacks to verify that your fi rewall blocks them.

SendShield (Windows)
This Outlook add-on strips out extra info and tracked changes in Word documents attached to messages.


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