The best free software (Calendar/PIMs)

Backpack (Web)
Backpack is more than a to-do list site. Your fi ve easy-to-update pages send reminders via e-mail or SMS and include a whiteboard for online collaboration.

EssentialPIM Free (Windows)
Imagine taking the e-mail out of Microsoft Outlook to get a killer personal information manager (PIM). That’s what EssentialPIM is all about.

Google Calendar (Web | Mobile)
Featuring seamless integration with other Google products, sharing capabilities, and SMS reminders, this Web app does for calendars what Google did for search.

Lightning (Windows | MacOS | Linux)
To be more like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird needs a calendar. Lightning provides that, plus a to-do list. It can even sync with Google Calendar.

Power Calculator (Windows)
This XP-only PowerToy replaces the lame Windows calculator with a mathematical powerhouse.

Remember The Milk (Web | Mobile)
Never forget another grocery item, or anything else, using this extensible online task manager. It’ll send reminders via e-mail, SMS, and IM.

Sunbird (Windows | MacOS | Linux)
Sunbird is Mozilla’s standalone calendar for tracking events and upcoming tasks. It’s a sister to Lightning, which adds the same functions to Thunderbird.

30 Boxes (Web)
One of the best-looking online calendars, 30 Boxes features easy-to-grasp pop-ups for adding events and viewing schedule details.

Yahoo! Calendar (Web)
Track your schedule and share it with friends, then sync your calendar with Outlook or your phone. It’s a great place to back up a handheld.


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