The best free software (Backup/Sync)

Allway Sync (Windows)
Sync files between your PC and an external drive, fi ltering by folder, file name, or fi le type. The program displays warnings about questionable fi les before syncing.

DriveImage XML (Windows)
Make an image of your entire hard drive for backup and restore purposes.

FolderShare (Windows | MacOS)
Install the utility on multiple computers, create an online account where you identify each computer, and pick folders to synchronize. Up-to-date data becomes available on all those PCs whenever you make a change in a folder, with sync taking place in the background so you’re never disturbed, just happy to fi nd your fi les wherever you work.

MozyHome Free (Windows | MacOS)
MozyHome provides automatic online backup for up to 2GB of your data.

PassPack (Web)
Pack away all your passwords in this secure online vault; it even logs you in to Web sites.

SyncToy v2.0 (Windows)
Make sure folders across your networked computers contain the same fi les, even on drives that change location and name.

WinClone (MacOS)
Bootcamp users: Now you can clone (back up) your Windows XP/Vista partition for reinstall on a new Mac.


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