The best free software (Browser Add-Ons)

DownThemAll (Windows | MacOS | Linux)
You don’t have to download one item at a time from a Web page anymore. DownThemAll manages batch downloads, splitting fi les into pieces so they arrive faster.

Foxmarks 2.0 (Windows | MacOS | Linux)
Foxmarks can synchronize your Firefox bookmarks across multiple PCs, even multiple operating systems.

Googlepedia (Windows | MacOS | Linux)
In Firefox, Googlepedia loads the most relevant Wikipedia entry it fi nds alongside your Google search results.

Google Toolbar (Windows | MacOS | Linux)
The toolbar brings Google’s search and other functionality directly to IE or Firefox. It offers extras like auto fi ll, spell-checking, and oneclick RSS feed subscriptions.

Greasemonkey (Windows | MacOS | Linux)
Add this extension to Firefox and then extend it again with thousands of scripts that change the appearance and functions of almost any Web site.

IE7Pro (Windows)
Adds a load of extras to IE7, including control over tabs, spell- checking, ad blocking—even Greasemonkey-esque scripts (see above).

IE Tab (Windows)
Do you prefer Firefox but still need to look at some sites in IE? IE Tab will load a site in a Firefox tab using the IE rendering engine.

ScribeFire (Windows | MacOS | Linux)
This Firefox addon sets up an interface for instant blogging on just about any blog system.

Tab Mix Plus (Windows | MacOS | Linux)
Take total control of how tabs work in Firefox. Adjust how they look, revive those you closed by accident, send tabs to new browser windows—essentially any tab action you can imagine.

Zotero (Windows | MacOS | Linux)
Zotero makes it easy to keep track of all your research on the Web, including how to cite it in future reports.

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