The best free software (Games/Fun)’s Grow (Web | Flash)
It’s not a single game but a series that involves choosing “growing” items that are added to an online environment. (Web | Flash)
Share your genealogy with everyone in the family. They can contribute more individual profi les until your family tree is complete.

Google Earth (Windows | MacOS | Linux)
Fly over familiar terrain or foreign lands with Google Earth, a searchable database of satellite images and geographical data—even images of the heavens. You can go a step further with all sorts of downloadable, gee-whiz applications from scientists, media outlets, and other third-party developers to trick out your Earth-moving experience.

Google Maps (Web | Mobile)
This interactive mapping tool goes beyond driving directions. View destinations in Street View, Satellite, or Terrain modes; check traffic updates; or look up info on nearby businesses.

Kongregate (Web | Flash)
Only 2,598 free games (as of this writing) to keep you busy online? Bring ’em on.

Second Life (Windows | MacOS)
This 3D virtual world has hundreds of thousands of denizens. Access is free, but you’ll pay a bit if you want to get some real estate, or even fancy clothes for your avatar.


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