BinaryWave Free Utilities

Sample code to create an EventReceiver which updates the completion percentage of items in a WSS Task list from items entered into a separate list.  Contains a VS2005 project with files required to build WSP solution package.

Web part to display Silverlight projects built using the sample Visual Studio 2008 templates in SharePoint (MOSS or WSS).

RSS aggregation web part for SharePoint 2007.  Use it to display one or more feeds as a single list of article links.  Updated with stability improvements and options to open links in a new window and display/hide summary text.

Files needed for Workflow development

This is the binary of our AJAX enabled user control wrapper.  Source code to follow.

Quick and dirty web part with the source code.  Lets you host any user control in a WebPart and run inside of MOSS or WSS.

A companion utility for the eGroup SharePoint Utilities created by Brian Baldwin.  A WinForm application that enables point-and-click generation of the configuration XML for remote creation of SharePoint lists.

SharePoint 2003/2007 web part for displaying list views on any web part page.  Can be used to display lists residing within any SharePoint site collection, site, or portal area.  Includes options to supress headers and column titles.  Refer to the Readme file for installation instructions.

A set of WinForm applications for developing solutions using SharePoint Web Services.  Zip file contains the SharePoint ListXMLViewer and ListCreator executables.


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