CRM 4 DPE Demo

Resource Page Description
The DPE demo is a series of client applications including WPF, Silverlight, SharePoint, Word (VSTO) that integrates with the CRM platform.
We have a series of developer videos and code samples that helps you get started if you wish to build similar applications.

Entity Customization
Channel9 Video – Dynamics CRM Customization
Code Sample – Sample Customizations for Professional Services
Screencast Walkthrough – Customizing CRM’s Entity Model and User Experience

Channel9 Video – Dynamics CRM and SharePoint
Code Sample – Sample custom webpart for CRM
Screencast Walkthrough – Creating a custom SharePoint webpart for CRM

Office Business Applications
Channel9 Video – CRM and Office Business Applications (OBA)
Code Sample – CRM OBA – Word Add-in Example
Screencast Walkthrough – Creating an OBA – Word Add-in for CRM

Channel9 Video – CRM and WPF
Code Sample – CRM WPF Offline Application
Screencast Walkthrough – Creating a CRM WPF Offline Application

Channel9 Video – CRM and Silverlight
Code Sample – CRM Silverlight2 Beta2 Example
Screencast Walkthrough – Creating a Silverlight control for CRM

For more information, please check out our blogs

Girish’s Blog:
Ben’s Blog:


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