Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services

Di seguito le limitazioni di Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services che sono elencate nell’articolo seguente:

Reporting Services in SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services:

Reporting Features in SQL Server Express
SQL Server Express provides the following Reporting Services functionality:

  • On-demand report processing for each user who views a report. When a user opens a report, the report is initialized, the query is processed, data is merged into the report layout, and the report is rendered into a presentation format.
  • Rendering formats are available for HTML, Acrobat, and Excel.
  • Report data sources must be SQL Server relational databases that run locally in SQL Server Express.
  • Report server management and report viewing are supported through Report Manager.
  • Configuration is supported through the Reporting Services Configuration tool.
  • Rs.exe, rsconfig.exe, and rskeymgmt.exe command line utilities are available in SQL Server Express.
  • Windows authentication and predefined roles are used to map existing group and user accounts to a named collection of operations.

Unsupported Features

Other editions of SQL Server 2005 include a larger set of Reporting Services features. The following list describes the features that are documented in SQL Server Books Online, but cannot be used in this edition:

  • Scheduled report processing, caching, snapshots, subscriptions, and delivery are not supported.
  • Analysis Services, Oracle, XML, SAP, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), OLE DB, and ODBC data sources are not supported.
  • Remote data sources are not supported. Reports that are hosted in a SQL Server Express report server must retrieve SQL Server relational data from a local SQL Server Express Database Engine instance.
  • Ad hoc reporting through semantic models and Report Builder is not supported.
  • TIFF (Image), XML, and CSV rendering extensions are not supported.
  • The Reporting Services API extensible platform for delivery, data processing, rendering, and security is not supported.
  • Custom authentication extensions and custom role assignments are not supported. You must map existing Windows domain user and group accounts to predefined role definitions.
  • Custom report items are not supported.
  • Managing a long-running report process is not supported. Specifically, you cannot use the Manage Jobs feature in Report Manager to stop report processing.
  • Scale-out deployment is not supported.

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