Advanced Data Migration Map Editor for MSCRM 4.0 Data Migration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 provides ‘Data Migration Wizard’ to migrate data from their existing solutions to ‘Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0’. They need to have the data migration map which maps source data to target data along with the source data files . This project ‘Map Editor’ helps in creating data migration map (including complex transformation maps, creating lookup maps with lookups in source data which are currently not provided by MSCRM 4.0 Data Migration Wizard) and thus helps in the process of migration. This enables user to create new maps, edit existing maps in MSCRM 4.0, and edit the map xml files that have been saved earlier. The tool aims at providing the users a solution to make their life easier by providing an UI interface to create xml base data maps involving complex transformation maps to be consumed by MSCRM 4.0 Data Migration Wizard.

Note: This release works with On-Premise release of MSCRM 4.0. The Live support will be added in next revision.


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