Free tools from Idera for SharePoint and SQL Server

Point check
Free Performance Monitor for SharePoint
Free tool that enables easy monitoring of critical performance counters for SharePoint, IIS and Windows Operating Systems.

PowerShell scripts
Free PowerShell Scripts for SQLServer DBAs
Over 20 cool PowerShell scripts to help you manage and administer your SQL Servers using Windows PowerShell.
SQL check
Free SQL Server Performance Dashboard & Screensaver
SQL check is a free performance monitoring tool for SQL Server databases. It provides basic performance information about one SQL Server and runs as a secure screensaver or on demand.
SQL job manager
View and manage SQL Server Jobs
SQL job manager is a free tool for managing SQL agent jobs across the enterprise.
SQL permissions
Free SQL Server Logons & Permissions Transfer Tool
SQL permissions is a freeware tool for copying or moving logins and permissions settings across SQL servers.
SQL safe Freeware Edition
Free High Performance SQL Server Backup & Recovery Tool
SQL safe Freeware Edition is free, high-performance backup and recovery engine with a scriptable interface (command line and XSP) that gives you the ability to backup and compress any size and any number of databases.


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