Display a Document Library List in Multiple Sites Screencast

Many times you’ll find the need to display the same document list in multiple places on your site, or even on other sites within the same site collection. That’s pretty simple to do using the Content Query Web Part. To see a screencast demo go to the Video On-Demand page (http://www.endusersharepoint.com/?page_id=16).

Or else you can follow these steps:
Move to the page where you want the list to be displayed

Site Actions -> Edit Page
Click ‘Add a Web Part’ in the area you want the list to be displayed
Scroll down to the Default section and choose Content Query Web Part
Click Add button at bottom of window
Note: A default output will be showing in the web part… ignore it
Menu dropdown: edit -> Modify Shared Web Part
Expand the Query tab in the tool box
Choose Show items from the following list radio button
Browse to your selected list
Click OK after selecting list
IMPORTANT: In the ‘Show items from this list type’, choose Document
Click the Apply button to verify results
Tweak as necessary

Knowing how to use the Content Query Web Part is one of the best tools available in your search for ‘One Version of the Truth’ when building content for multiple locations and sites. There is a good videocast (http://www.endusersharepoint.com/?page_id=16) to the Video On-Demand library.


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