Ricerca di parti di stringhe di testo in MOSS 2007

Ho la conferma che la in-box UI e la standard keyword search di Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 non supporta nativamente questa feature.

Ciò nonostante è possibile estendere le possibilità del motore di search tramite la creazione di web part customizzate.

Wildcard Search in MOSS 2007 and MSS 2008

Guidance on Wildcard/Boolean search for SharePoint 2007

Oppure tramite plug in e web part già realizzate da Partners Microsoft:

Mondosoft Wildcard Search for MOSS 2007

Due alternative “native” che però potrebbero aiutarci e che sono comprese in MOSS 2007 sono le funzionalita “Did you mean?” e Word Stemming.

Did You Mean?

Nel caso non si riuscisse a visualizzare correttamente la web part che gestisce “Did you mean?” Vi invito a leggere il link sottostante.

Why doesn’t the “Did you mean” work in the search

Word Stemming

Wild card searches and Word Stemming are NOT the same thing. Word Stemming refers to returning inflectional variants of the root word. For example, “jumped” and “jumping” are both stemmed from the root word (verb) “jump”. However, wild card searches refers to using a symbol (typically *) to represent ANY character or string of characters. For example, the search term using a wild card “jump*” might return “jumpdrive” or “jumpville”. Pretty big difference! It’s worth noting that most languages separate words using whitespace, but not all (East Asian languages). Word Stemming is clearly more natural language based and is supported in SharePoint 2007 Search. Wild card searches require a custom web part and a considerable amount of careful consideration as it could undoubtedly increase the size of your search index.
Word Stemming is turned off by default for the English language in MOSS.

Word Stemming is a fascinating topic relating a word form to its base form and other related word forms (called morphological processing).

MOSS Search Word Stemming – Part 1
MOSS Search Word Stemming – Part 2

Abilitazione del Word Stemming

Go to the search page, enter any old query to return the search results page:
Under Site Actions, select ‘Edit page’
Locate the ‘Search Core Results’ web part (usually in the bottom zone)
From the Edit button, select ‘Modify shared web part’
In the task pane that appears on the right hand side, under ‘Results Query Options’, check the box labeled ‘Enable Search Term Stemming’


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