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Reporting Services Scripter

January 29, 2010

Fellow SQL Server MVP Jasper Smith has come with a really neat tool named “Reporting Services Scripter” that makes managing multiple Reporting Services installations easier. It enables scripting of all Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services catalog items to aid in transferring them from one server to another. It can also be used to easily move items on mass from one Reporting Services folder to another on the same server. Depending on the scripting options chosen, Reporting Services Scripter can also transfer all catalog item properties such as Descriptions, History options, Execution options (including report specific and shared schedules) and server side report parameters.

You can download the Reporting Services Scripter here.


“Unable to Load Client Print Control” message when printing CRM v4.0 reports

January 28, 2010

Issue: When clicking the Print icon to print a CRM v4.0 report (in a SQL Server 2005 database) you receive the message “Unable to Load Client Print Control” and the report does not print.

Cause: Windows Security Update KB956391, an automatic security update.  Once installed it causes the issue above with Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and possibly others.  Windows Vista machines do not appear to be affected.

Solution: Install the fixes below on the necessary servers and reboot each server. 

CRM Server:

Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 2005 Service Pack 1

SQL Server:

Security Update for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 (KB954606)

SRS Server (if separate from SQL):

Security Update for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 (KB954606)

Note – if the SQL Server and SRS Server are on the same box, you only have to apply KB954606 to that box.

Again, restart the affected servers.  The next time a client prints a report, they will be prompted to install a new version of the view control.  Just click install and the Print window will open.

Le autorizzazioni concesse all’utente dominio\nomeutente non sono sufficienti per eseguire questa operazione. (rsAccessDenied)

January 27, 2010

Nell’uso di Reporting Services se si riceve un messaggio come questo come si possono concedere queste autorizzazioni ?

Aprire la home del Report Manager (di solito è nella Default Web Site nella sottocartella Reports) con l’account amministratore

Cliccare nella scheda Proprietà

E in Protezione cliccare su Nuova assegnazione ruolo per assegnare i permessi (almeno browse) all’utente o al gruppo utilizzato per l’autenticazione.

Internet Explorer Kiosk mode

January 26, 2010

Una interessante feature di Internet Explorer 7 è la possibilità di aprire IE in modalità Kiosk.

Dalla riga di comando è infatti possibile lanciare IE con il parametro -k:

iexplore -k page

utilizzando questa semplice sintassi Internet Explorer si apre direttamente in modalità full screen e title bar, toolbar, status bar e i menu non vengono visualizzati.

I comandi avanti, indietro, refresh, ecc. non sono chiaramente disponibili come bottoni ma sono raggiungili attraverso le shortcut da tastiera.

Potere trovare un reference al link seguente:

Recuperare gli ID delle liste di sistema

January 25, 2010

In SharePoint le liste hanno ID dinamici, cioè vengono creati quando le liste sono instanziate nel sito, quindi se si vuole accedere ad una lista applicativamente senza utilizzare il suo URL (che in sharepoint è localizzato) bisogna trovare un sistema per recuperare gli ID delle liste.

Fortunatamente SharePoint memorizza gli ID delle liste di sistema in un dictionary a livello di Web (SubSite): la proprietà in questione è SPWeb.AllProperties.

Per esempio per recuperare l’ID della lista “Site Collection Images” (presente in un Publishing Portal) si può usare codice seguente:

SPList SiteCollectionImagesList = web.Lists[new Guid(web.AllProperties[“__SiteColImagesListId”].ToString())];

How to configure proxy server settings for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

January 20, 2010

Well this was fun… All the examples of how to connect through a proxy from SharePoint are missing a crucial piece of information!

      <proxy usesystemdefault = “false” proxyaddress=”http://proxyservername:port” bypassonlocal=”true” />

This is the accepted route, with an exception to e added to the proxy to use anonymous authentication…
But is you use:

<defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials=”true”>
  <proxy usesystemdefault=”false” proxyaddress=http://proxyservername:port” bypassonlocal=”true” />
    <add address=”[a-z]+\.domain\.biz” />
    <add address=”[a-z]+\.domain2\.biz” />

The required bit of which is the useDefaultCredentials parameter that passes the logged on users credentials on to the proxy server.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 for Outlook add-in toolbar in Outlook 2003 problems

January 18, 2010

I receive some emails from my customers regarding the CRM Menu bar being greyed out, not working etc. I have collected some possible resolutions for those.

It’s possible that the COM Add-in is not activated. You can activate it or in some cases you need to remove and re add the Add-in.

A. Launch Outlook.
B. Go to Tools | Options.
C. Select the Other tab.
D. Select Advanced Options.
E. Select COM Add-ins.
F. Highlight Microsoft CRM Outlook Addin and note the location path below it. (You may want to write this down since you will need it in step O)
G. Select remove to remove the Microsoft CRM Outlook Addin.
H. Select OK to all windows and close Outlook.
I. Launch Outlook.
J. Go to Tools | Options.
K. Select the Other Tab.
L. Select Advanced Options.
M. Select COM Addins.
N. Select Add.
O. Navigate to the path from step F (If there was not one specified try /Program Files/CRM/Client/Bin/crmaddin.dll)
P. Select OK to all windows.
Q. Close Outlook.
R. Re-launch Outlook.

The COM-addin may be disabled.
1 .On the Help menu, click About Microsoft Office Outlook.
2. Click Disabled Items.
3. Select the items you want to enable.
4. Click Enable.

Other possible causes can be antivirus running on this machine? Temporarily disable this and relaunch Outlook.

In Internet Explorer under Internet Options | Security | Local Intranet | Add the CRM Website to Trusted Sites.

Remove any Stored Passwords for the CRM Server from the Client Machine. Control Panel | User Accounts | Advanced Tab | Manage Passwords

MS SQL Server cursore dinamico

January 13, 2010

sub getFromDatabase(mySQL, rsTemp, scriptName)

call openDb()

set rsTemp = server.createObject(“adodb.recordset”)

rsTemp.cursorLocation = adUseClient

‘ set locktype

rsTemp.lockType = adLockReadOnly

‘ set the cursor

rsTemp.cursorType = adOpenDynamic mySQL, connTemp

‘if err.number <> 0 then

‘ response.redirect “comersus_supportError.asp?error=”&Server.Urlencode(“Error in ” &scriptName& “, error: “&Err.Description& ” – Err.Number:”&Err.number&” – SQL:”&mySQL)

‘end if

end sub

ADempiere Business Suite

January 12, 2010

ADempiere Business Suite is an industrial strength open-source software solution that combines ERP, CRM and SCM support for business processes. ADempiere provides a framework for extending and customizing to meet business needs.

Official Web Site


Microsoft Virtual PC and 64-bit Guest support…

January 11, 2010

You can, always, try VirtualBoxs, it is Open Source and free, and supports x64 guests, among other nice things.