How to Create Dynamics CRM Shortcuts in Microsoft Outlook

A key part of a successful CRM implementation is user adoption. Because every company and each employee has their own way of doing things both need to be taken into consideration during the analysis and design phases. Fine-tuning the CRM interface for teams or even individuals helps them become more comfortable using CRM and most likely more efficient.  

Dynamics CRM has extensive capabilities and includes a ton of features and functions. Because of this the Dynamics CRM folder structure in Outlook can look a bit lengthy. During the analysis and design phases sections that users don’t use should be removed. As an example, maybe your salespeople won’t be using any of the functions in the Service module so it probably should be removed from the sales team’s menu.   

There are some additional options for further personalizing Dynamics CRM. When I’m working with clients one thing I’ve found most users really like is Dynamics CRM shortcuts in Outlook. This enables them to add a list of frequently used CRM folders in the Outlook Favorites area. This is really handy because maybe they use a lot of different functions in CRM and need access to them but they spend most of their time in a couple of areas such as Leads, Contacts, and Activities.  

In the image to the right is the folder section of Microsoft Outlook 2007. At the top is the Favorites Folders section where I’ve added several Dynamics CRM folders to the standard Outlook folders. Now you can quickly access your key areas of CRM. 

To add Dynamics CRM folders to Outlook’s Favorite Folders: 
·         Click the desired Dynamics CRM folder (e.g. Accounts, Contacts, etc)
·         Press your right mouse button
·         Select “Add to Favorite Folders” from the menu

The Dynamics CRM folder should now appear in the Favorite Folders section. You can change the order of the Favorite Folders by dragging and dropping the folders or by right-clicking a folder with your mouse and selecting “Move Up in List” or “Move Down in List”.


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