Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 use Tooltips as Hot Help

There are multiple ways in MS Dynamics CRM (MS CRM) to help users using the system. Next to training and external guides, the system can also provide information. In the system the help files (on the top right of every screen) can be improved. As you will know this has advantages and disadvantages.

Another option is to improve the tooltips.

The modifying and maintaining of the tooltips will be discussed in this post.

A tooltip is a small box, which contains a brief text message explaining the field. It appears below the label of a field on the MS CRM forms when the pointer of a mouse passes over or rests on that label and which contains a brief text message identifying or explaining the object. When the pointer moves away from the label the tooltip disappears.

Tooltips are available on every field on a MS CRM form. The current tooltips show the text of the label, which, in my opinion, does  not have any benefits. If you can read to label, you can read to tooltip. But the good thing is, we can change the contents of the current tooltips.

At the moment the only restrictions to the tooltips are that only unformatted text can be used and that the total amount of characters is no more than 512.

The onLoad code:

crmForm.all.new_attribute_c.title = “contents of the tooltip”


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