Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 removing marketing and sales from account view

Posting a script that removes all sales and marketing entries from either
contact form left pane or account for left pane. Useful IDs in here. We
only use CRM for our Support Dept, so I have been removing all these entries
from the forms as well as from the sitemap.

// This code will remove the entries under Sales and Marketing tabs from the
// bar on the Contact form.

// Sales area
var _NA_SFA;
var navQuotes;
var navOrders;
var navInvoices;
var navOpps;

//Marketing Area
var _NA_MA;
var navCampaignsInSFA;
var navListsInSFA;

_NA_SFA = document.all._NA_SFA;
navQuotes = document.all.navQuotes;
navOrders = document.all.navOrders;
navInvoices = document.all.navInvoices;
navOpps = document.all.navOpps;
_NA_MA = document.all. _NA_MA;
navCampaignsInSFA = document.all.navCampaignsInSFA;
navListsInSFA = document.all.navListsInSFA;
if (_NA_SFA != null) { = “none”; }
if (navInvoices != null) { = “none”; }
if (navOrders != null) { = “none”; }
if (navQuotes != null) { = “none”;}
if (navOpps!= null) { = “none”;}

if (_NA_MA != null) { = “none”; }
if (navCampaignsInSFA != null) { = “none”; }
if (navListsInSFA != null) { = “none”; }

else {
// error handling here
alert(“Error during OnLoad Script”);


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