Change Organisation in Outlook Client for CRM 4.0

Below outlines the steps required to change the organisation within the CRM Outlook client. This is valid for Microsoft CRM 4.0.

1. Select option CRM | Change Organisation, from the menu within Microsoft Outlook.

You will be presented with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Configuration Wizard

2. Select Change your configuration. Click Next

3. Select My Company. Click Next

4. Enter the URL of the CRM Server as the Intranet address. Note: do not enter the organisation name in this URL.

5. External Web Address will need to be set to the correct URL for external connections over the internet. Or simply check the option Use the same Web address when the system connects over the internet to use the same address as the Intranet address. Click Next.

If the wizard connects successfully to your CRM Server you will be presented with a list of current organisations existing in the CRM database.  Note: If you are presented with an error message then it is most likely the URL entered in step 4 is incorrect. Re-check this URL and try again.

6. Select the organisation you wish to connect to from the list. Click Next.

The Verification Descriptions and Results will be displayed. You will need to review the results and fix any error(s) presented.

7. Click Next.

The Configuration Wizard will begin reconfiguring Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook.

Once complete, you will be presented with the Configuration Complete screen.

8. Click Finish.


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