SharePoint 2007 Free Videos

  • Installing SharePoint This video demonstrates the process of installing WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 as a single server install. Then it shows how to setup some of the global settings that need to be immediately configured after the install. The video also examines how to assign server roles in a SharePoint server farm.  
  • Check In Multiple Documents at once The process to check in multiple documents at once in a document library – MOSS only feature  
  • Listing SharePoint Sites in the Site Directory SharePoint Server comes with a Site Directory site template. This can be used to aggregate your sites and to give your users an easy way to navigate to the sites they are looking for. This video shows how you can manage the categories in the site directory and also how you can tag sites with categories.  
  • Adding Web Parts to a Site Web Parts are essential to providing componentized functionality in SharePoint. Watch this video to learn how to add web parts to a SharePoint site.  
  • Closing versus Deleting web parts Watch this video to find out the difference between closing a web part and deleting it.  
  • Publish Web Parts to the Web Part Gallery Web Parts can be uploaded to the Web Part Gallery to make them available throughout the site collection. This screencast shows how you can take a Web Part file and publish it to the Web Part Gallery.  
  • Email enabling Lists and Libraries Email enable SharePoint Lists and Libraries so users can send an email directly to it. This is a great functionality for users to be able to contribute directly from their inboxes.  
  • Use Content Query and Site Aggregator web parts to roll up your data This video will show how a couple of web parts (Content Query Web Part and Site Aggregator Web Part) are used to roll up data from various SharePoint sites to display on one site. 
  • Create a Master Detail relationship using web part connections Regular out of the box web parts can be used to create Parent and Child, Master and Detail relationships. This video shows how you can create these relationships by just using the browser and web part connections.  
  • Show links to Documents at other locations in your Document Library Document Libraries can be configured to hold links to Documents at another location alongside the actual Documents in the document library. You might want to use this technique if the document file is too big or you just want to provide the front end to access the file through the library for your users. This video demonstrates how to use a new content type to configure external links.
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