SharePoint 2010 Free Videos

  • Installing SharePoint Server 2010 This video shows the procedure to install and configure SharePoint Server 2010 all the way to creating your first Site Collection. 
  • Creating SharePoint 2010 site components This video shows how to create components of a SharePoint 2010 site such as Lists, Libraries and Subsites. 
  • What’s new in InfoPath 2010 – Walkthrough A walkthrough of what’s new in Microsoft InfoPath 2010. Features such as Page and Section Layouts, Controls and the Ribbon interface are explored in tihs video. 
  • Switching the Master Page of a Site The Master Page for a site provides the chrome for it. The quick launch navigation, site banner, logos, and the top link bar are all part of the master page. This video shows how you can use SharePoint Designer to easily switch to any of the existing master pages on the site. The example used here is how you can switch to the default.master master page to give your site the look and feel of a SharePoint 2007 site. 
  • Introduction to SharePoint Designer 2010 SharePoint Designer 2010 is the premier tool to configure and customize SharePoint 2010. It has evolved from SharePoint Designer 2007 with a totally new look and feel to it. This video shows how you can navigate around the SPD 2010 environment. 
  • Explore InfoPath 2010 Controls This video explores the various controls which are present in InfoPath 2010. Many have been carried over from InfoPath 2007, but some are brand new in this version of InfoPath. 
  • Create reusable workflows using SharePoint Designer 2010 and attach to Content Types Being able to create reusable workflows is a major component of SharePoint Designer 2010. In this presentation, you will see how you can create a reusable workflow and attach it to a content type and then use that content type in a library. 
  • Create and Manage SharePoint Content using SharePoint Designer 2010 Using SharePoint Designer 2010, it is very easy to create SharePoint 2010 components. This video shows how easy it is and how much faster you can create the objects in this environment compared to using the browser to manage your sites. 
  • XSLT List View web parts and Conditional Formatting XSLT List View web part is a new type of web part that lets you manipulate data in a flexible manner using SharePoint Designer. A designer can easily connect to a variety of data sources to display data as needed and also setup any required conditional formatting of data. The best part about this setup is that a member of the site who is later using this data through the browser can easily interact with the views of this data or create additional views. 
  • Configuring Rules in InfoPath 2010 Use the Rules functionality in InfoPath 2010 to apply formatting, validate data, hide controls and also execute actions. Once a Rules is implemented, it can be easily copied and reused for other fields as well. Also, the Form Load event configuration is shown in this video. 
  • Create List View Pages with Conditionally Formatted Data This video shows how to conditionally format information in a List View page using the XSLT List View web part. The scenario starts off by importing information from a spreadsheet to make a list. Then a new List View page is created on the list which automatically comes with the XSLT List View web part showing the information in the list. Conditional Formatting is then used to highlight some content and also hide other content based on certain conditions. 
  • Create External Content Types using SharePoint Designer 2010 The External Content Types section within SharePoint Designer lets us define connections to Line of Business data that we have access to as a developer, designer or admin of that site. Once the connection is defined, business analysts can use that connection to create what’s called External Lists which shows the content of what the connection is attached to (for example a table in a database). 
  • Exploring a SharePoint Site This video explores the makeup of a SharePoint site. The Quick Launch, Ribbon and Content Area of the site pages are discussed. Also, the navigation scheme of the sites is explored. 
  • Getting Started with a SharePoint Site Get maximum benefit out of your SharePoint site by learning how you can administer it. This video shows where you change the permissions for the site, modify its Theme, change the site icon and setup the quick launch menu. After doing all of that, you will want to change the content of the page which is also demonstrated in this video. 
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