Default organization to load in MS Dynamics CRM 4 Enterprise

I’m testing CRM 4.0 Enterprise with several organizations.  The first organisation was created during the installation and I can access it with http://crm4 or http://crm4/FirstOrg. The second organization was imported after the installation and I can access it by http://crm4/SecondOrg.

But the second organization is the primary and the mostly used. My question is: how to make http://crm4 loading the second organization instead of the first? I tried to change the default organization via deployment manager but it made no effect.

To change the default organization, you will need to do the following. Please have a backup of your database before running the update scripts.

The IDs in the script are examples, please remove the IDs and replace with your IDs

— Determine the organization id you wish to set as default for the user use mscrm_config

select * from organization

— Find the user’s Systemuserid

use Org_mscrm

select systemuserid from systemuserbase where domainname = ‘test\cperry’

— systemuserid = <7D63B217-D75F-DD11-8AAC-0003FF87A060>

— Find the user’s id

use mscrm_config

select userid from systemuserorganizations where crmuserid = ‘7D63B217-D75F-DD11-8AAC-0003FF87A060’

— userid = 8063B217-D75F-DD11-8AAC-0003FF87A060

— Find the appropriate user in the systemuser table

use mscrm_config

select * from systemuser where id = ‘8063B217-D75F-DD11-8AAC-0003FF87A060’

— Update the Systemuser table to reflect the desired defaultorganizationid

use mscrm_config

update systemuser set defaultorganizationid = ‘CD24BEAC-D267-44F8-88D4-8555566C109C’ where id = ‘8063B217-D75F-DD11-8AAC-0003FF87A060’


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