Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 WorkFlow

With Sharepoint 2007 and Windows Workflow Foundation(WWF) you can create great workflows.

Below you can find some links to tutorials and articles that I think may be the bible on the subject.

  • SharePoint document workflow with Visual Studio workshop
  • SharePoint workflow: error updating a list item
  • How to video: Building a multilevel approval workflow with SharePoint (MOSS 2007) and Visual Studio
  • Workflow Gotcha – can’t use surveys
  • Building workflow templates for SharePoint v3 using Visual Studio 2008
  • Workflow insights – correlation
  • Serge Luca tutorials:

    1. Creating and Testing the project
    2. Extending the workflow: checking the amount and setting the status
    3. Extending the workflow: finding the manager and creating a custom activity
    4. Creating the tasks
    5. Creating and Using InfoPath Tasks Forms
    6. Using Several Task Forms
    7. Using association and initialization forms
    8. Bringing data from the workflow to the task form
    9. Using ASPX forms in workflows
    10. Reuse, Modify and Debug a Sharepoint Designer workflow in Visual Studio
  • Workflow insights – dependency
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