Linq to CRM (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0)

This way, querying to CRM is so easy and understandable (
Using this together with the crm toolkit (
some casting must be done because linqtocrm does not work out of the box with the toolkit. It does however with the CRM SDK. Using anonymous classes, the SDK entities are casted to the toolkit entities like:
AddressValidator target = new AddressValidator(this.ServiceAdapter);
CrmQueryProvider p = new CrmQueryProvider(this.ServiceAdapter);
var accounts = from c in p.Linq<account>()
               select new Account()
                   Id = c.accountid,
                   Address1Country = c.address1_country,
                   Address1Postalcode = c.address1_postalcode
Now we have an array of Account (not account)!


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