Adding Graphics to Microsoft CRM E-Mail

The Microsoft CRM e-mail templates are HTML and browser-based. As a result, the following requirements must be met to include a graphic in a template:

  • You must be able to display the graphic in a browser. This means that .gif and .jpg graphic formats work best.
  • The e-mail template is an HTML file. Graphics are not “embedded” or attached; rather, only a link is placed in the file pointing to where the actual graphic is located.
  • The graphic must be on a Web site that the e-mail recipient can access.

To add a graphic to an e-mail template:

  1. On the Microsoft CRM Home page, click Settings, click Template Manager, and then click E-mail Templates.
  2. On the Actions bar, click New E-mail Template.
  3. Select a template type and click OK.
  4. Complete the details of the e-mail template.
  5. Open the Web page (using Internet Explorer) or Web site folder (using Windows Explorer) that contains the graphic. Usually all the graphics for a Web site are located in one folder. Links to the graphics in this folder are then placed in the Web files.
  6. Copy and paste the graphic to your e-mail template. Although the graphic will appear, you have copied and pasted only the link to that graphic.
  7. Save the e-mail template.

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