Risk and Health Assessment Program for SharePoint Server (MOSSRAP) – Scoping Tool

The MOSSRAP Scoping Tool verifies connectivity requirements, permissions requirements, and other prerequisites for successful execution of the MOSSRAP toolset. This is done by remotely querying the servers in the SharePoint farm. This information is required before proceeding with the request process.

The tool does NOT make any changes to the environment. It simply uses standard operations such as WMI queries, SQL queries, port queries and so on.  It is completely read-only.
The tool is serial in nature and only attempts to perform a single check against a single server at a time.  This means there should be relatively minimal network or target system overhead while the tool is running.  This also means it may take it several minutes to complete depending upon the size of the farm.

The scoping tool must be run using an account that has:

  • Member of the local Administrators group on every SharePoint server in the farm
  • Member of the local Administrators group on every SQL server in the farm
  • Read permissions to every site in the farm (this can be granted via the web application policy in Central Administration)
  • Full permissions to the Central Administration site and the personalisation services for each Shared Services Provider (SSP) in the farm.
  • Member of the sysadmin role on every SQL instance used by the farm



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