OpenVPN, the smart way

Multi-Platform Client

OpenVPN Client availability in multi-OS environment ranging from Windows XP, VISTA, Windows 7, MAC, Linux, and Mobile devices.

Server Portability

OpenVPN Access Server runs on many Linux OS platforms and virtual environments.

Multi-Mode Client

OpenVPN Client can run in various modes ranging from a simple remote user accessing the private network resources to remote gateway interconnecting multiple private networks.

Multi-Mode Access

OpenVPN supports Layer 2 and Layer 3 network access capabilities.

Access Control

Allow/ Deny Users or Groups granular access to Network resources/ services, groups, and users.

Dynamic Application Deployment

Dynamically deploy and execute any application, client scripts, and python scripts on a client machine based on specified events

Host Checking

Verifying that the Client Machine contains up-to-date and proper applications

Multi-Authentication Methods

Supports PAM, LDAP, RADIUS, and Local DB methods.


Scales from 10 to 100,000s concurrent VPN sessions/ connections.

High Availability

Supports Active/ Standby failover mechanism.

Statistics and Reporting

Detailed statistics and log reporting of users activities.

Multi-Level Security

Various security levels controlled by network administrator. This is ranging from simple to complex and strict authentication policies.

Flexible DMZ Configuration

Any network resource within the private network can be exposed and be accessible through DMZ

Datagram Transport Service

Supports both Datagram Transport Layer Service (DTLS) based on UDP and Transport Layer Service (TLS) based on TCP.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Supports API, enabling third-party applications access to Server and Client services.



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