Understanding DNN User Registration

Most modern websites and web applications require some form of user authentication in order to “unlock” their entire feature set. Social networking sites and message boards are perfect examples: you are asked to register before making your first contribution.

In DotNetNuke, a valid user profile forms the basis for the role-based permission model.

It starts with the [USER] or <dnn:User runat=”server” id=”dnnUser” /> skin object deceleration, which generates a “Register” link for unauthentic users to the registration form. The procedure of collecting user profiles is implemented via Private, Public, or Verified user registration types. The only real difference between the 3 of them is the degree of human intervention in the authorization process:

  • Private – ensures that the DNN Admin manually screens all website registrations and grants or denies portal access accordingly.
  • Public – there is no manual intervention or screening whatsoever, meaning the user is granted access to the portal environment immediately after registration.
  • Verified – located somewhere in between Private and Public, DNN emails a verification code to the registering user to “verify” her / his identity. The user then has to take the code back to the website to complete the registration process.

The following is a walkthrough of configuring and customizing Private DNN registrations. However, with slight modifications, it’s just as applicable to Public and Verified registration.

Enable Private Registration

  • log in with either DNN Admin or Host (SuperUser) privileges
  • navigate to Admin > Site Settings > Advanced Settings > Security Settings >User Registration and tick Private

Customize Notification Emails & Register Page

  • navigate to Admin > Languages > Language Editor in DNN 4 and Host > Languages > Edit Default Language > Edit Language Files in DNN 5
  • use your browser (Ctrl+F) to search GlobalResources.resx for email_user_registration_administrator_body.text and email_user_registration_administrator_subject.text to customize the notification email that gets send to the DNN Administrator
  • use your browser (Ctrl+F) to search GlobalResources.resx for email_user_registration_private_body.text and email_user_registration_private_subject.text to customize the notification email that gets send to the registering user
  • use your browser (Ctrl+F) to search SharedResources.resx for PrivateMembership.Text to customize the default copy of the registration control / page

Manage Users

  • DNN Admin (or any other user with the proper permissions in DNN 5): navigate to Admin > User Accounts to authorize portal access and to manage security role membership

Manage Profile Properties and User Settings

  • by default, the DNN registration form asks for User Name, First Name, Last Name, Display Name, Email Address, and Password
  • to edit the default fields or to collect additional information during registration, navigate to Admin > User Accounts > Manage Profile Properties
  • to manage general user settings such as min password length, password aging, redirect after login, redirect after logout, captcha, etc, navigate to Admin > User Accounts > User Settings

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