Viewing a image in data view web part

In order to combine the list with the picture library ,please add a link datasource.

In my local test ,I used the “Title column as a key to combine the list with the picture library. Here are the steps:

1. Open the site using Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007.

2. On the “Task Panes” menu, click” Data Source Library”.

3. In the “Data Source Library” task pane, under “Linked sources”, click “Create a new Linked Source”.

4. In the “Data Source Properties” dialog box, on the “Source” tab, click “Configure Linked Source”.

5. In the Link Data Sources Wizard,click your list , and then click Add. Next, click thepicture librarythat you want to link with the list, and then click “Add”.

6. Under “Select the link type that best represents the relationship between the selected sources”, click Join the contents of the data sources by using the datasource details to insert data views and joined subviews.

7. Click finish.

After that, a dataview will be created :

1. On the “File” menu, click “New”.

2. In the “New” dialog box, double-click “ASPX”.

3. On the “Data View” menu, click “Insert Data View”.

4.In the “Data Source Library” task pane, click the plus sign (+) next to “Linked Sources”, click the DataSource created before steps, and then click “Show Data”.

5. In the “Data source Details” task pane, in the list “contact???folder, click “Title”.

6.Click “Insert Selected Fields as”, and then click “Multiple Item View” to insert the selected data into the Data View.

7.In the Data View, right-click the “Title” column, click “Insert” on the shortcut menu, and then click “Column to the Right”.

8. Position the insertion point inside a cell in the new column.

9. In the “Data Source Details” task pane, in thepicture libraryfolder, click “FequiredField”.

10.Click “Insert Selected Fields as”, and then click “Joined Subview”.

11.In the “Join Subview” dialog box, under “list”, click “Title”. Under “picture library”, click “Title”, and then click “OK”.

12. In order to display the picture, you must set “FequiredField” column’s format as picture. Hover the mouse on the column, andyou will see the menu.

In order to obtain more on dataview webpart, you can refer to :


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