Integrate your Customers, Suppliers, Applications and Processes – the real alternative to BizTalk is here and now free!

BlueIntegrator is free cutting-edge integration and automation software, conceptually very similar to Microsoft BizTalk(R) but we would suggest it is significantly easier to use and more flexible in a number of areas.  And when we say free, we mean free forever, not just for a trial period.

BlueIntegrator enables you to connect disparate systems, applications and business entities, and automate rules and workflows upon them. For example you can connect your customers, suppliers and back-end systems to fully automate an order processing scenario. Once connected, the overall value of your IT infrastructure becomes much greater than the sum of the parts, and real cost savings and service improvements can generally be identified.

BlueIntegrator gets your enterprise talking, and helps you flexibly manage and monitor your business processes – it can truly help you achieve a Service Oriented Architecture. Support for XML and Web Services is strong, but BlueIntegrator also provides extensive functionality to get your legacy applications communicating – format support includes AS2, EDI, and HL7.

BlueIntegrator leverages the Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation(R) to provide you with an intuitive, flexible and extensible workflow model and design environment for automating your business processes and system interactions. Graphical schema design, data mapping, and forms design modules allow you to easily configure the solution to your requirements, whilst support for Outlook and SharePoint integration provides extra convenience for your users. A unified development and administration interface allows for easy configuration, deployment and management across the network with fault-tolerance as standard.

An extensive array of transport providers and data conversion functions are supplied out-of-the-box, and BlueIntegrator also includes Microsoft Visual Studio for Applications(R) to provide ultimate flexibility where customization is required, for example in the case of advanced workflows.


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