SharePoint Data Cleansing Suite

Lots of organisations want to move their current content from file shares to SharePoint. What they fail to realise is that a whole process of data cleansing is often needed before the transfer can take place.

These scripts are designed to help organisations report on the scale of the task in hand and then automate the change process.

The Reporting Scirpts highlight all illegal blocked file types and illegal characters used. They then produce text file reports that can be used for planning the move.

The Change Illegal Characters Script automatically changes illegal characters to ones of your choosing so you don’t have to manually scan or alter files – ensuring your data is ready to be moved to a SharePoint envionrment.

These scripts are primarily intended to be used on large file shares that need to be moved to SharePoint – To scan a drive of 90Gb takes apporoximtaly 15 minutes.


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