Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Tips & Tricks (part 2/3)

9. Use the I Like It button when you want to tag content to remember later, but don’t want to apply additional tags and notes right away. You can add other specific tags later if you like.

10. You can stay updated on changes to documents and list items on your SharePoint site by receiving notifications of changes as alerts and Really Simple Syndication (RSS), if your site is configured to send them.

11. When communicating through email, adding a link to a file is more efficient than adding an email attachment. It ensures that the latest copy is being accessed and reduces network traffic and email storage.

12. When selecting a URL for your new site, remove spaces to ensure that your link is both shorter and less likely to break when shared via email or instant message.

13. To change the way items in a library or list appear, sort or filter the items or create or apply a view. VA101861793.aspx

14. Use Microsoft Word2010 to create blog posts so you can easily include SmartArt to enhance diagrams. Watch this video to learn more about blogging with Word 2010. com/en-us/sharepoint-server-help/video-use-word-2010-to-post-to-a-sharepoint-blog- VA101790488.aspx

15. Having trouble keeping track of who has permission to your site? If you have permission to add Web Parts to your site, you can add the Site Users Web Part to display all the people and groups who have access to the site.

16. If you are using a program that is compatible with SharePoint Server 2010, such as Word 2010, you can drag and drop documents from Windows Explorer into the Upload Document dialog box.


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