Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Tips & Tricks (part 3/3)

17. After a workflow is started on a document or item, you can use the Workflow Status page to monitor the progress of the workflow on that document or item. sharepoint-server-help/view-the-status-of-a-workflow-in-progress-HA101793718.aspx

18. Columns help you group, categorize, and track information, such as the department name or project number. In SharePoint you have many options for the type of column that you create. Depending on the type of column that you select, you may be unable to change the type of column type after you create it.

19. Displaying content based on ratings can help people find quality content easily. If you are a content manager or author, ratings can help you easily see which topics are considered to be more popular by the readers.

20. You and your fellow co-workers bring different strengths and knowledge to your organization. By using features in the “Ask Me About” section of your My Sites, you can all tap into this knowledge pool by identifying strengths and asking each other questions. sharepoint-server-help/use-your-my-site-to-ask-and-answer-questions-HA101794427.aspx

21. Build your network by adding colleagues. When you visit the profile of someone you are not following as a colleague, you will see Add as Colleague under the person’s profile picture.

22. If you want to open a SharePoint site in a new tab, press Ctrl, and then click the link in the quick launch bar located on the left side of the page.

23. SharePoint allows you to apply Boolean logic to keywords and properties, which means you can connect them with the operators like AND, OR, NOT, + (PLUS), and – (MINUS) to construct a meaningful search query. Check out the following examples to help create successful queries:

24. The Chart Web Part is useful when you want to quickly and easily create a chart without leaving a SharePoint site.


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