Sense/Net CMS – Enterprise Content Management

Sense/Net CMS is the first Open Source Enterprise Content Management system for the .NET platform, a perfect alternative to proprietary ECM suites, such as SharePoint. With wider functionality than most open source Web CMS packages, Sense/Net is ideal for building enterprise Intranets, Extranets and Internet sites.

  • Content Repository with powerful search and query
  • Workspaces, lists and libraries for collaboration and document management
  • WebDAV protocol and Microsoft Office integration for enhanced user experience
  • Windows Workflow Foundation 4 based workflows for BPM
  • Skin system, WYSIWYG and Smart Application Model for managing loads of web content
  • ASP.NET based development platform with Webpart and MVC support
  • Scalable Enterprise Architecture and Active Directory integration for enterprise deployment
  • Free Community and supported Enterprise editions with professional training

Watch a 3 minute video on YouTube.

Check out the features at

Current release is Sense/Net 6.0 Community Edition 6.0.5 wit Enterprise 2.0 features.

Sense/Net 6.0.5 Community Edition includes Enterprise 2.0 features and lots of bug fixes. New Workspace features include a wall similar to Facebook (yes, you can Comment and Like posts), a lightweight blog & wiki, user profile, workspace membership. We also added a better backup tool, a new webpart framework and device-aware applications, so you can create mobile applications easily.

project-workspace-wall (1).png


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