How to use CRM 2011 client with folder redirection

As some of you may have noticed, using the CRM client with folder redirection as described for CRM 4.0 at no longer works with CRM 2011.

The reason for this is a limitation of SQL CE allowing only for single connection for database access.

A limitation which has always been in place for SQL CE used from CRM 4.0 UR7 and onwards.

The difference in CRM 2011 is due to changes that were designed to improve the CRM client’s stability by removing the ability to share a SQL CE Connection across threads which could potentially cause stability issues.

In order to enable folder redirection, we need to upgrade to SQL CE 4.0 which no longer has these limitations. The steps for doing this on an existing CRM CLient have been published in the following article:

Please note that folder redirection is only supported using UNC shares, mapped drives have not been tested.


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