The List Filter Web Part for SharePoint 2010 from Sapiens

With this SharePoint 2010 List Filter Web Part you can quickly drill down, search and find the information you need. The Web Part supports Key Word Search and configurable Filter Fields to drill down and filter data in any SharePoint 2010 List. Save your filter settings to create public and private reusable filters.

Key Features

  • Supports All Lists and Document Libraries
  • Search Box to find keywords in any of your lists fields, supports wildcards
  • Configurable filter fields to drill down
  • Supports all native field types, including Date and Lookup! 1)
  • Allows filtering of date ranges (from – to)
  • Save and apply filter settings
  • Create public or private reusable filters
  • Print view opens in a new tab or window
  • works asynchronously – no postback or screen refresh
  • Independent configuration of view fields and filter fields

1) Unsupported Field Types for display in filter fields are attachments, computed, calculated, note and url)


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