How to increase SharePoint Upload Size Limit

First, increase the Maximum Upload Size for a specific web application.

  • Go to the Central Administration > Application Management > Web Application General Settings
  • Specify the new maximum upload size for your webapplication. For now, we are setting it to 256MB. It could be even set upto 2GB.

Your second step should be to try increasing your default chunk size of large files by trying this STSADM command:

Stsadm.exe –o setproperty –pn large–file–chunk–size –pv   

  • This basically denotes the chunk of data that can be read from SQL Server at one time.
  • The -pv which determines the property value stands for the upload size in bytes (B).
  • It could be set to a maximum of 2GB i.e. (2,147,483,648 B).
  • Do an IISRESET

Next, in web.config file of your particular web application, under the httpRuntime tag in system.web section, increase the upload limit to match the value that you set earlier in central administration. You also need to add the execution timeout to allow more time before the upload operation times out as shown in the example below:

httpRuntime executionTimeout=”300″ maxRequestLength=”256000″


  • 300 means 5 minutes as execution time out
  • 256000 allows uploading 256 MB files.

After the above changes, MOSS would allow files of more than 50 MB to get uploaded easily. Incase you still face challenges, check if the file you are trying to upload, is it a blocked file type e.g. EXE, DLL, etc.


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