SmartSerialMail Free v 1.0 – Creation and Sending of Personalized Serial Mails and Newsletters

The fast and easy way to send a newsletter for free!

With SmartSerialMail Free you have the opportunity to create and send newsletters in a quick and easy way without any costs.

Similar to a serial letter you will be able to individualize your newsletter for each recipient by simply using templates, e.g. to address your customers personally with their first and last name.

Send out up to 400 personalized emails per day* with our completely free software and inform your network, your customers, club members or your relatives about latest news, new products or special offers.

The creation of serial mails by using the integrated and comprehensive HTML editor will be a child’s play. Furthermore, already existing serial letter templates can be easily taken over, as SmartSerialMail supports an import from MS Word, text or HTML files.

Your recipient’s personal data, which will be collected by SmartSerialMail in an email list with up to 200 addresses*, remain completely under your own control at any time. Unlike Internet-based solutions, work with SmartSerialMail is thus completely in accordance with most data protection regulations, as no sensitive data needs to be passed on to e.g. a third party.

Please note, that you will not be able to send email attachments with SmartSerialMail Free. Depending on your individual needs, e.g. in terms of sophisticated newsletter using personalized attachments for each recipient or for more complex marketing campaigns, SmartSerialMail is also available as a SmallBusiness and Enterprise Edition.

With our comparison list, you will get a quick overview about which version of SmartSerialMail fits best to your individual needs.

* This limitation refers only to the free version of SmartSerialMail


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