SESSION_STATE_PASCAL_CASED is not configured properly

InfoPath Forms Services has detected a mismatch between the user’s data in the browser and on the server. This may indicate the SESSION_STATE_PASCAL_CASED is not configured properly on a multiple front end farm or that a malicious user is trying to tamper with client data. (User: MYDOMAIN\username123, Form Name: ABCForm, IP: , Request: http://myserverXYZ/_layouts/Postback.FormServer.aspx, Form ID: urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:infopath:ABCForm:-myXSD-2005-10-21T21-12-27)

This is a common SharePoint issue that your SharePoint admin would be able to help. This error also happens when the shared service in SharePoint central admin is not configured properly. After creating a new shared service, that error went away.

You may also try the following. Clear browser’s cache and try again and if that doesn’t solve the problem then run the following command: 

stsadm -o reconvertallformtemplates


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