Microsoft RichCopy 4.0.217

One of the Microsoft tools that was being used by Microsoft programmers to copy or move files in faster speed. This tool was developed in 1996 but it was being used internally by Microsoft and was not made available for public usages. However, at a later stage they made it available for free public download and now you can also experience faster file copying and moving with this small Windows utility, called RichCopy. RichCopy can copy multiple files.
At a time with up to 8 times faster speed than the normal file copy and moving process. Surprisingly it copies and moves files even faster than RoboCopy tool and XCOPY command. Since the tool was being used by the developers, they made it pretty effective and stable .
download Microsoft Rich copy 4.0

Key Features of RichCopy
1. More powerful, faster and stable than than any other file copying tool. 2. Create several profiles to assign special settings with a specific profile. 3. Copy files from multiple and different locations and save in a single destination. 4. Filter the files based on the date, time and choose to either copy or opt those files. 5. Being on GUI, supports command lines. 6. Suspend and resume file copy at any time.

Reference :Technet Magazine

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