How to change default Organization in MS Dynamics CRM 2011

1. Go to SQL Server where MS Dynamics CRM 2011 installed

2. Use MSCRM_CONFIG   Select * from organization   You can find the list of organization in your CRM.

3. Find the User’s Systemuserid

Or   You can also find the user GUID using this query:   Use Your_Organization_MSCRM   Select systemuserid from systemuserbase where domainname = ‘domain\user’   systemuserid = <6893E7A3-62B8-E011-AA60-000C292CBBE1>

4. Find the User’s ID:   Use MSCRM_CONFIG   Select userid from systemuserorganizations where crmuserid = <6893E7A3-62B8-E011-AA60-000C292CBBE1>   User ID <E0437EA7-9B8B-E011-9245-000C292CBBE1>   5. Find the appropriate user in the systemuser table

Select * from systemuser where id = ‘E0437EA7-9B8B-E011-9245-000C292CBBE1’   Update the systemuser table to reflect the desired defaultorganizationid

6. Use MSCRM_CONFIG   Update SystemUser set DefaultOrganizationId = ‘6893E7A3-62B8-E011-AA60-000C292CBBE1’   Where id = ‘E0437EA7-9B8B-E011-9245-000C292CBBE1’

7. Run IISRESET and access the MS Dynamics CRM 2011


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