Microsoft 311 Accelerator for Dynamics CRM 2011

Microsoft 311 Service Center accelerator is an integrated citizen services framework that helps to streamline the processes in a citizen service center. It provides a framework to service citizen requests, provide information, manage back office processing, and utilize resources efficiently. The 311 Service Center accelerator is built on the fully integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Windows Azure platforms, providing both on-premises and online delivery models.

The 311 Service Center accelerator addresses the critical need to improve service delivery and efficiency and reduce costs within government organizations. Key features include:

  • Self-service citizen web portal
  • Web-based mapping component for citizens, including front and back office
  • Service intake, routing, and workflow
  • Common and easily extensible service requests forms
  • Agent-oriented call scripts integrated with the back office processes
  • Interactive management dashboards and reports
  • Multi-access channels, including views accessible to all web-enabled devices

For more information, visit Microsoft’s 311 web page

Self-service citizen portal / Windows Azure


Front and back office service center management / Dynamics CRM 2011



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