MS CRM 2011 : Pragma Toolkit : Ribbon, Site Map Editor

PragmaToolKit 1.3 released with new feature of Office 365 connectivity.

Pragma Toolkit is a developer tool for improving productivity of the CRM 2011 developers.

This release contains  Ribbon Editor and Site Map Editor .

Ribbon Editor provides easy user interface to create custom buttons and add to CRM Ribbon (on Form as well as grid and sub grid) without having to manually modify the underlying XML files. It also takes care of creating the solution and publishing it back to MS CRM 2011. Developers can use this tool to hide and show buttons as well as modify the custom button properties.

The SiteMap editor imports the solution and allows developers to add / modify custom menus in the CRM 2011 navigation pane using tree view thereby avoiding the direct manual modification of the sitemap XML file.

These utilities improve the developer efficiency as well as eliminate the errors which occur in manual modification.

This tool supports On-Premise, OnLine and IFD  of MSCRM 2011.

Application Prerequisites
This application requires the following components installed:
Framework .Net 4
Works on Windows XP and Windows 7

Versions Supported
This tool supports MS CRM 2011 On-Premise, OnLine and IFD version.

Pragma Toolkit 1.3.


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