Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK v5.0.16 Released

Microsoft released v5.0.16 of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 SDK.  For the most part, the SDK contains small updates to the documentation but there were a couple small bug fixes.  Below are some of the notable updates included in this version.

  • First, there is an interesting amendment to a couple articles related to importing solutions.  A new note was added to say “Installing a solution can interfere with normal system operation. We recommend that you schedule solution imports when it’s least disruptive to users.”.  This note is about 2 and a half years overdue.
  • This article was updated with a note to say that showModalDialog and showModelessDialog should not be used on a CRM form.  The recommended method is to use Xrm.Utility.openEntityForm.
  • The very helpful topic What’s Changing in the Next Major Release (which we blogged about yesterday) has been added to the SDK.
  • Lastly, a bug was fixed with get for openEntityForm to return a boolean, for whether the operation was successful or not, instead of the window object.  Take note that this fix could cause some issues if you have been expecting the window object to return.

For the full list of updates in this version, head here.


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