Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for Microsoft Office Outlook with multiple eMail accounts

Let’s say your are using MS CRM 2011 inside of Outlook and you need to manage email from more than one email account.  You have your primary email account ( and then you have an email account assigned to you by your largest client (  You want to use MS CRM to manage both accounts, but you discovered that email that goes into the inbox can’t be tracked in MS CRM.  You get the “Only items in the default Microsoft Outlook store can be promoted to Microsoft Dynamics CRM” message when you try to track a message.

hs no track

You are able to manage multiple accounts pretty easily in MS CRM by using an Outlook rule to move messages from the inbox to the  If you are familiar with creating rules, you setup a rule to run when you receive messages through a specified account.  Here are the steps:

  1. Open Rules and choose Manage Rules & Alerts.
  2. Choose New Rule.
  3. Choose “Start from a blank rules” and pick “Apply rule on messages I receive”.  Click next.
  4. Select the condition “through the specified account” and put a check in the box.
  5. Click on the hyperlink in the rule description and choose the email address.  Click next.
  6. Put a check next to “move it to the specified folder” AND a check next to the “delete it” option.
  7. Click the “specified folder” hyperlink and choose the inbox for inbox associated with the email account.  Click next.
  8. If you have exceptions to this rule, enter them on this panel.  Click next.
  9. Name your rule “Move messages from to“.
  10. Make sure the check box to turn on the rule is checked.  Click finish.

This is a client-side rule and runs whenever Outlook is open.  When Outlook is running, the messages sent to the will be moved to the inbox and be deleted from the inbox.  You can now use MS CRM 2011 track in CRM to record your communications from your client.

When you reply to a message sent to the Outlook will default to sending the message from the email address.  If you are in your inbox and compose a new message it will use your default email account to send the message.  If you need to send the message from you need to click from button on the email message and choose the correct from address.

Change From Address

You can manage any number of accounts in this fashion.  You simply setup an Outlook rule for each account.  Since the messages are deleted by the rule, you don’t have any messages remaining in the inbox, unless you set some exception rules.



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