MS Dynamics CRM 2011 – Invalid Action The selected action was not valid.

I came across the below error when I am trying to browse my Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 url.

Invalid Action
The selected action was not valid.

I did not manipulate anything on server! So, I checked my event logs which said –

Current key (KeyType : CrmWRPCTokenKey) is expired. This can indicate that a key is not being regenerated correctly. Current Key : CrmKey(Id:xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx, ScaleGroupId:00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000, KeyType:CrmWRPCTokenKey, Expired:True, ValidOn:02/25/2013 06:31:03, ExpiresOn:03/30/2013 06:31:03, CreatedOn:02/25/2013 06:31:03, CreatedBy:NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE.

I got solutions from MSDN saying these steps but both did not work. Most of the issues on net were solved by these steps mentioned. And mine was resolved by the steps given in Solution.

1. Restart IIS (iisreset from command prompt or run window)
2. Restart the CrmAsyncService (Services.msc restart CrmAsyncService)


1. Open Command Prompt
2. Go to: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Tools
3. Run Microsoft.Crm.Tools.WRPCKeyRenewal.exe /R
4. Restart IIS

This should solve the issue and you will be able to see your CRM 2011 entities again!


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