Forms 7 – A lightweight InfoPath alternative for SharePoint

Forms7 is a lightweight InfoPath alternative that uses a jQuery plugin that allows users to easily create forms for SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 using basic HTML.


Forms7 comes with many features that can add robustness and usability to your forms including:

– Create forms using ANY HTML editor and store form in ANY SharePoint List

– Store multiple forms on the same SharePoint list without adding additional fields

– Helper functions for loading Cascading Drop Down lists from other SharePoint Lists

– Custom validation that checks for required fields, validity of entered data, and the ability to create your own validation functions

– Forms7 can use jQuery UI for date fields and other functionality

– “Required” fields are ignored if the fields are not visible on the page

NEW in version 0.05 Reporting using the DataTables Library. Create List Views for your Forms7 forms!

Videos for more information and getting started

Introduction to Forms 7

Installation and Minimal Form

Select Boxes and Loading Select boxes with SharePoint List data for options

Converting Word Document to Forms7 Form 

Reporting/List Views of form data stored in Forms7


The Forms7 plugin will iterate over the fields in your HTML form and store the fields as a JSON object in one field in your SharePoint list. Using Forms7 you can promote fields to SharePoint list fields as well as add custom validation of fields.

Forms7 puts the power of the forms in the hands of your business again by allowing non-technical users to create attractive forms using any HTML editor and passing that HTML off to your JavaScript developers should additional functionality want to be added like conditionally hiding/showing fields.

Forms7 is a great InfoPath alternative for users wanting to move away from that technology for their basic forms needs.

An earlier version of Forms7 is currently in use by a fortune 100 company storing 9 different forms in one list with great success.

Forms7 is free, and for free, it does have it’s limitations including:

1) People Pickers are not currently supported
2) It’s in ALPHA!! I’ve not tested every possible iteration and possibility.
3) Documentation is currently light (non-existent) but this will be added as interest grows.

Forms7 uses SPServices to read and write SharePoint list data ( Future plans include a supported version that uses the Client Object Model.

How can you help?? Let me know you are interested so that I’ve got some motivation to document and improve this promising technology.

The included Sample Form will help you get started until I can get some actual documentation in place. To use the sample form without modifications:

1) copy the form and script to a “SiteAssets” document library on your site.

2) Create a list called “Contacts” and add a multiline plain text field called “Forms7Data”.

3) Create a Web Part Page called “SampleForm” under Site Pages

4) Drop a Content Editor Web Part on the page and link it to ../SiteAssets/sampleForm.html

You can see a live sample here:

A more styled example of form for same list can be found here (best viewed in Chrome because of CSS used):

More Examples and Documentation Coming Soon! 


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