Internet Captcha

Internet Captcha is designed to protect your html forms where users send information to others users or databases.

A informatic robot can automatic send a lot of information, saturating your system or it can send you spam continuously to publish. With this captcha only human can complete the security code and only a human will be able to use your web page.
  • The Internet Captcha is free to put in your web.
  • It have a configurator to define the view and a lot of visual efects to do your captcha unique. Icaptcha is designed in Javascript.
  • Security level is configuable too, you can fix distortion, number turn, distance betwen numbers and doping elements to make difficult automatically detect the code.
  • The captcha is validated in the main form and if you fail the correct code, the system can be generate other code in the same page whitout reload.
  • The captcha no need alter any image in memeory and have low cpu usage to the server.
  • Icaptcha is HTML5 compliant and it is compliant with more famous browsers including Internet Explorer 6 and upper.


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