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Microsoft Dynamics CRM turn off the welcome screen (navigation tour)

October 28, 2015

When people first start Microsoft Dynamics CRM, they are offered a quick overview of CRM. They can start the navigation tour by choosing Let’s go.

Startup navigation tour for Dynamics CRM Disable navigation tour in Dynamics CRM

If they don’t want to see the welcome screen (navigation tour) each time they start, they can select the Don’t show me this again check box, to turn it off. However, they will see the welcome screen again, if they log in from a different device, use a new browser, or delete their cache. As an administrator, you can turn off the welcome screen (navigation tour) permanently for the whole organization, so, it doesn’t re-appear every time the users sign in to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

To do that:

  1. Go to Settings > Administration. (How do I get there?)
  2. Choose the System Settings > General tab.
  3. In Set whether users see navigation tour, set the Display navigation tour to users when they sign in to No, as shown below:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Editable Grid

October 27, 2015

D CRM Editable Grid is a zero code (Html5 JavaScript) add on for Dynamics CRM 2013 and 2015 to easily implement custom editable grids.



Set-up and Overview of D CRM Editable Grid

Launch in another window

Setting up multiple entities with or without relationships

  • Entity1 (Not Related) Entity2, …
  • Parent (1:N) Child
  • Parent (1:N) Child1 (1:N) Child2 (1:N) Child3, …
  • Parent1 (1:N) Child1 (Not Related) Parent2 (1:N) Child2

ChildParent 1 to 3 are not related to each other, however they all have a N:1 relationship with Parent entity

  • Parent ChildParent1 ChildParent2 ChildParent3
Launch in another window


  • In-line editing
  • Editing multiple records at the same time
  • Allows for multiple entity relationships to be represented in a single CRM form
  • JavaScript call back mechanism for Validation, Delete, and Save operations
  • Ability to query any record, whether related to the current record or not
  • Navigation via keyboard arrows or tab keys
  • Unlimited undo – Place focus on a cell that has gone through one/multiple changes, use undo button to traverse back through the changes until reaching the original value.
  • Undo all changes – Resets all changed cells to their original value.
  • Open record from the grid (in the same window or in a new window)
  • Display sum for numeric fields
  • User settings (currency symbol, numeric separator, decimal symbol, date and time formats) are used for formatting currency, numeric, and date time values.
  • Built in validation for Required, MaxLength, MinValue, and MaxValue field attributes
  • Sorting
  • Paging
  • Searching
  • Inherits CRM Security Model (User Create, Write, and Delete privileges are used to enable/disable New, Delete, and Save grid functionalities)


Text and Numeric
textEditor.PNG NumericEditor.PNG


LookupEditor.PNG LookupMultiEditor.PNG


Two option

Date and Time
DateEditor.PNG DateTimeEditor.PNG


All Editors

Date and Time


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Detective

October 19, 2015

CRM Data Detective allows you to see what CRM fields your users are actually using.


I’ve setup this project to be a managed solution so you can easily drop the latest version into your environment. I’ve also provided the full source so you can enhance this project any way you see fit.

The purpose of the CRM Data Detective is to provide some extra visibility into CRM. You can easily see which fields are not getting the user adoption you’re looking for. You might find a lowly populated field and realize it’s buried deep on the form and so you simply need to give it more attention. You may see a field is rarely populated and determine it should be removed. Either way, the CRM Data Detective gives you a great first step into enhancing user adoption.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Easy Grid

October 16, 2015

EasyGrid is a Full HTML5 Dynamics CRM (2013-2015) Add-On for easily implementing custom editable CRM Sub-Grids


Full Documentation

Video Preview

Other Previews

Context Menu

Delete Dialog

Main Query Interface

Main Query Interface : Lookup Customization


Step 1 : Assign EasyGrid Role to all users
Go to solution Page > Configuration to assign EasyGrid Role to all users

Step 2 : Set Translations

Manage Ribbon tabs for Microsoft Office SharePoint 2013

October 12, 2015

The project allows to manage visibility’s tabs of the Ribbon for SharePoint 2013. It is the best way to hide/show tabs for different SharePoint groups.

How does it work?

  • Open web site as user who can manage web.

  • Find sharepoint group

  • Check Ribbon tabs that should be hide

  • Please check results



Documentation is here

Source code is here

Version 1.0.0:

  • Manage visiblity of Ribbon tabs (Manage, Share & Tracks, Copies and etc.) for different sharepoint groups;
  • can be activate on different webs and store settings for each other;
  • use library jQuery 2.1.1;
  • no assembly code, only Javascript;
  • support IE 10+, Chrome 30+, FF 30+;
  • simple use;
  • simple activation;
  • working platforms:
    • SharePoint Foundation 2013;
    • Sharepoint Server 2013 (Standard, Enterprise);
  • localization:
    • English;
    • Russian;

SPFileZilla = FileZilla for SharePoint

October 9, 2015

Inspired by FileZilla, the fantastic free FTP client, SPFileZilla allows you to navigate and manage SharePoint as if it were an FTP Server. Browse site lists, document libraries, folders, and files. Download and upload files and folders, including support for nested folders hierarchies. Create new folders, rename existing files and folders, and delete files and folders. Also, you can copy paths to files and folders to your clipboard. Drag and drop folders/files into the application to upload to SharePoint.

Latest release for 2013 supports uploading large files (over 2 MB) to SPOnline.

Exclusive Features
These are the features, added recently that make this tool essential.

  • Includes a Property Bag editor and Text editor. This saves time, no need to fire up SharePoint Designer.
  • Overwrite (OVR checkbox in main window) makes it super easy to do incremental bulk uploads to a SharePoint Library when OVR is turned off (which will skip existing files).
  • Bulk operations like Move, Copy, Check-out, Check-in, etc. can be performed on entire Document Libraries (right click menu actions).
  • File system dates are preserved when uploading to SharePoint (created and modified).

SPFileZilla is compatible with SharePoint 2010 and 2013, including SharePoint Online (Office 365), and supports claims based authentication and mixed mode authentication. Uses the SharePoint Client Object Model, no magic.

SPFileZilla allows you to save your SharePoint connections using the built-in profiles feature. Name your profiles, set up once and use as often as you like. Or, use the Quick Connect feature to connect directly to a SharePoint site without saving a profile.

After connecting to a SharePoint site, all the lists that inherit from the document library content type are available to browse and manage. Open a list and you can then browse its folders and files. Refresh directories and navigate deeper or back to parent directories.

Never manage your SharePoint Documents using a browser again! Unless you like waiting for IE “open in explorer” mode. Or, if you prefer to upload multiple files using a specific browser. Or, if you prefer to upload your files (but not download!) using SharePoint Designer. I specifically built this program after developing “SharePoint Hand”, otherwise known as carpal tunnel of the mouse fingers.


Freebyte Zip free ZIP program created by Freebyte

October 5, 2015

Freebyte Zip is a reliable, powerful and freeware zip/unzip program for Windows 7, XP, Vista, 200x, NT, 9x, Linux/wine and all 64 bit editions of Windows. The program enables you to zip and unzip files, create zip archives, password protect files, view, sort and encrypt zip file contents, and also make self.extracting archives. This program is the direct successor to the reliable HJ-Zip program. The program is only 300 Kb in size, and does not require any installation.

Freeware for personal and corporate (business, government, non-profit, etc.) use.

* Easy to use
* No installation needed
* Open, create, change, protect, encrypt, sort and view zip files
* Powerful command-line/DOS interface (please see below)
* View or execute files directly from inside the zip archive
* Create self-extracting archives
* More features below

Features (continued)
* Add and remove files directly to/from zip and self-extracting archives
* Extract files with or without path information
* Add files with relative or absolute path information, or without any path information.
* Recurse subdirectories (optional)
* Zip entries can be password protected and encrypted
* Specify the compression level when adding files
* File attributes and file dates are preserved during zip/unzip operations
* Easy shortcut keyboard commands for frequently used functions
* Progressbar display during file extraction and compression
* The compression and extraction process can be aborted
* Compression and extraction settings are saved between sessions
* Compression and extraction folders are saved between sessions
* Statusbar display of total size of zip-file in Kbytes
* Statusbar display of total number of items in zip-file
* Free for commercial and non-commercial use!
* Small in size
* Does not need to be installed
* etc. etc.

Powerful command-line options
If you want to use Freebyte zip as a command-line (DOS) program, e.g. as part of a bach process, these options are available:
fbzip.exe [options] <zipfilename> <list of absolute paths>
Please note that the list of absolute paths can contain a mix of file names, directories and wild-cards. If the zipfile does not exist, it will be created.
-e: extract files
-a: add files
-p: use path information when extracting files (create directories if necessary)
-p: store path information when adding files
-r: recurse subdirectories when adding files

You can download Freebyte Zip by using one of the links below. The program itself is contained inside the downloadable file FBZPack.exe. This is a self-extracting archive. You need to run it so it extracts the Freebyte Zip program files into the same directory. After that, just double click on fbzip.exe to run the Freebyte Zip program itself. Download file size: 307 Kb.
fbzpack.exe (location 1)
fbzpack.exe (location 2)
fbzpack.exe (location 3)

To keep informed on new versions, you can join the Freebyte newsletter.

Software created by

Usage and distribution
You can use this program to create and distribute any number of zip files for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
You can include this program on Websites, DVD’s, etc. as long as you do not charge for the program itself. However, you can charge a nominal fee for distribution costs, materials, etc.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Excel Services Fix – “The workbook cannot be opened”.

October 1, 2015

When opening an Excel workbook (.xlsx) in the browser the error “The workbook cannot be opened” is thrown:

This is caused by the account running Excel Services not having proper permissions to the Content Database.  When you upload an Excel workbook to a SharePoint library, the workbook is stored as blobs in the Content Database.  When you choose to open this in Excel Services, the account running Excel Services needs to retrieve and reassemble the workbook.  If the account running Excel Services lacks proper permissions, “The workbook cannot be opened”.

We have a KB on how to resolve this issue:

The Excel Services Application for SharePoint 2010 does not load or display workbooks

In this blog, I will step you through this KB; where to collect data and explain what the two below SharePoint Management Shell Commands do:

$w = Get-SPWebApplication –Identity <URL of the Web application>
$w.GrantAccessToProcessIdentity(“<insert service account>”)

You need to find the <URL of the Web application>.  To do this:

1. Browse to the report library where the failing workbook is located and make note of the URL.

2. Central Administration > Application Management > Manage web applications compare the URL to the list of Web Apps.  Find the correct Web App URL and add it to “URL of the web application”.

You now have the first command:

$w = Get-SPWebApplication –Identity http://tschauer

3. Central Administration > Security > Configure Service Accounts > from the first dropdown, select the application pool running “Excel Services Application” and add that account where is says “<insert service account>”.

You now have the second command:


So now you can run these commands by following the below steps:

1. Click Start, click All Programs.
2. Click Microsoft SharePoint 2010/2013 Products.
3. Click SharePoint 2010/2013 Management Shell.
4. At the Windows PowerShell command prompt (PS C:\>), type the following command, and then press ENTER:

$w = Get-SPWebApplication –Identity http://tschauer

When you run these commands you are:

1. Adding the account running Excel Services as a User to the Content Database (Security > Users).
2. Giving the account running Excel Services the SPDataAccess Membership (Account > Membership)
3. Giving the account running Excel Services Full Control to the Web Application (Via “Policy for Web Application”)

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