SPFileZilla = FileZilla for SharePoint

Inspired by FileZilla, the fantastic free FTP client, SPFileZilla allows you to navigate and manage SharePoint as if it were an FTP Server. Browse site lists, document libraries, folders, and files. Download and upload files and folders, including support for nested folders hierarchies. Create new folders, rename existing files and folders, and delete files and folders. Also, you can copy paths to files and folders to your clipboard. Drag and drop folders/files into the application to upload to SharePoint.

Latest release for 2013 supports uploading large files (over 2 MB) to SPOnline.

Exclusive Features
These are the features, added recently that make this tool essential.

  • Includes a Property Bag editor and Text editor. This saves time, no need to fire up SharePoint Designer.
  • Overwrite (OVR checkbox in main window) makes it super easy to do incremental bulk uploads to a SharePoint Library when OVR is turned off (which will skip existing files).
  • Bulk operations like Move, Copy, Check-out, Check-in, etc. can be performed on entire Document Libraries (right click menu actions).
  • File system dates are preserved when uploading to SharePoint (created and modified).

SPFileZilla is compatible with SharePoint 2010 and 2013, including SharePoint Online (Office 365), and supports claims based authentication and mixed mode authentication. Uses the SharePoint Client Object Model, no magic.

SPFileZilla allows you to save your SharePoint connections using the built-in profiles feature. Name your profiles, set up once and use as often as you like. Or, use the Quick Connect feature to connect directly to a SharePoint site without saving a profile.

After connecting to a SharePoint site, all the lists that inherit from the document library content type are available to browse and manage. Open a list and you can then browse its folders and files. Refresh directories and navigate deeper or back to parent directories.

Never manage your SharePoint Documents using a browser again! Unless you like waiting for IE “open in explorer” mode. Or, if you prefer to upload multiple files using a specific browser. Or, if you prefer to upload your files (but not download!) using SharePoint Designer. I specifically built this program after developing “SharePoint Hand”, otherwise known as carpal tunnel of the mouse fingers.



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