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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Autonumber

November 22, 2015

Working for Online and onpremise!

– Able to create autonumberting using Prefix, Suffix and ZeroPads.
– Working for default entities aswell for custom entities
– Easy mantainable, all from the Counter Configuration Entity
– Creates automatically the plugin step for the related entity
– Check available if entity and field exist to prevent type mistakes
– Able to deactivate/activate counters (pluginstep is also deactivated/activated)

Working for onpremise ans online.



Microsoft Office SharePoint ListView Filter

November 4, 2015

SPListViewFilter is a SharePoint WebPart enables you to create custom filter to find information in SharePoint list or document library.

SPListViewFilter webpart

Supported field types

  • Simple text
  • AutoComplete

jQuery UI is required for using autocomplete!

  • Text with options enables select filtering type

Text with filtering options

  • Date

  • DateRange

  • Boolean

  • DropDown list represents unique values of field

  • User or Group

  • Taxonomy Term Picker

  • Multi-select CheckBoxList

Getting started

1. Activate SPListViewFilter feature on SiteCollection Features;
2. Open List (Document Library) view page in design mode;;
3. Add SPListViewFilter webpart on the page;
4. Connect SPListViewFilter webpart to ListView webpart;
5. Customize fields showing in filter using webpart setting panel;

View Step by step guideline to use it immediately.